Like a Walk-In Closet, Twitter Needs an Occasional Cleaning Too

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Like a Walk-In Closet, Twitter Needs an Occasional Cleaning Too

Thank you to Roxanne Rives  for this guest post on maintaining an effective Twitter following. I met Roxanne via Twitter, and she’s been a never ending wealth of resources and knowledge. I highly recommend you  also follow Roxanne: @RoxanneRives

Here’s a bit more about Roxanne:

Roxanne Rives is a social media manager and entrepreneur who strives to cut through the noise while doing what makes her heart tick, social media. Her blog, Social Media Rox, covers Facebook, Twitter, blogging, digital marketing and more.

Roxanne Writes:

Twitter is a fun and exciting way to connect to those with similar interests, the things that we are not so interested in, and what our friends are up to over the holiday season.

Realizing at times, we can get connected to users that don’t have such similar interests, have not tweeted in a year and dropped off the face of the Earth is a reality that some of us don’t want to face. After all, what good is a follower if they don’t actually use the service? Once you are following more than a few dozen people, things can get complicated.

For example, you may have a party rental company and decide that you want to feature some of your rental specials on Twitter. Based on auto software and keyword searches, you might find a circus clown, balloon artist or moonwalk manufacturer may follow you. But what about when you find out one of the “clowns” you were following is a foul mouthed user or you realize that 50% of the Tweeters on your account are no longer active?

I will share with you some of the cleaning and organization tools that I use to “clean up” my Twitter account. Whether you realize that some users have bad etiquette, or that most of the people following you are not really seeing what your message is, check out the following recommendations and let me know if you have any tips of your own on cleaning your Twitter house.

It has been said, that approximately 40% of registered users on Twitter are not active. It is a recommendation that you unfollow inactive or obscene users, and in many cases, bots.

TwerpScan is a FREE site I use often. When I say often I mean at least once per week. I find that with the organization tool, the software does a complete “sweep” of your account. Easily identifying how many followers one has, the last time they made a tweet or what there ratio of following to followers is can all be found by creating a free account on Twerpscan. My method is if someone has not been active for around 4 months, I will delete them. You can choose your own discretion on a per account basis as some people are more aggressive on unfollowing users.

UnTweeps is another great tool. Their motto is “Unfollow Twitter users who don’t Tweet often enough.” It will show you who hasn’t tweeted in a while, and give you the option to unfollow them.

If you have a small following or are following a small amount of people on Twitter, you can always manually scroll through and see who has been saying what along with the time they posted. I highly recommend using a third party software though as mentioned above as it will save you a lot of time.

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